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Bedroom and Nursery

It is important to ensure that your baby does not get too hot or too cold; to reduce the risk of cot death, tempertaure control while a baby is sleeping is particularly important. The ideal room temperature for a baby is 16° to 20°C, and a liquid crystal room thermometer provides a safe accurate way to monitor a baby's room temperature.

Baby Room Thermometers

Our room thermometers are large, easily visible and quick to read. They also carry a list of useful safety advice about reducing the risk of cot death, and caring for your baby. Available with °C or °F thermometers, on a laminated board backing.

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ISO 9001 certificate

Cot Thermometer


The new Sleep Thermometer constantly monitors the temperature beside your baby when sleeping.

  • Accurate, and easy to read.
  • Clips easily onto the cot rail.
  • Latest generation of UK produced liquid crystal technology.
BANTA AWARDS 2014 | Shortlisted A liquid crystal room thermometer provides a safe accurate way to monitor a baby's room temperature

Our innovative babysafe® Sleep Thermometer has been designed to help ensure that new parents and their babies are offered the best opportunity of a safe start in life. Simple safety temperature measurements are important, and give peace of mind to new parents and carers.

LCR Hallcrest’s unique babysafe® bedroom thermometer clips easily to a cot rail, and is a world first in advanced British-made monitoring technology for the safety of babies. It has been developed with the latest generation liquid crystal temperature reactive technology, and has been designed to display an accurate safe temperature, or to warn if the room becomes too hot, night or day.

An integral red lcd moving line, which moves clearly and visibly along a scale, allows temperatures to be quickly and easily monitored by a parent.

The Sleep thermometer has been cleverly designed to sit as close to a sleeping baby as possible in order to accurately monitor safe sleeping temperatures. Temperature has been recognised as a contributory factor in the occurrence of ‘cot death’ and it is important that babies do not get too hot, or indeed too cold. The ideal room temperature is 16°C-20°C.

This new babysafe® thermometer requires no batteries or mains power, and is covered by a patent application.

LCR Hallcrest is a world leader in the research and production of temperature reactive babycare products and has been at the forefront of specialist ink techniques in Europe for over 30 years.

With our in-house UK laboratory and production facilities, as well as an active R&D program it enables us to regularly create new products for the safety of babies and children.