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A baby with a colour changing spoon A baby should be fed milk or foods that are not hotter than body temperature, i.e. around 36°C to 38°C.

Feeding Safety

Temperature Reactive Feeding Spoon
Feeding can be a time of anxiety for new parents and carers, trying to ensure that food is the right temperature, and not too hot to scald a baby´s mouth.

ISO 9001 certificate

Baby meals are often heated using boiling water or a microwave, and overheating or hot spots is a common problem. Using the unique Safety Feeding Spoon will show you at a glance if the temperature is too hot to safely feed a baby. The spoon is designed to change from blue to bright pink if the temperature becomes too hot. The spoons are reusable, washable and unbreakable.

Fridge Thermometer
A fridge should be set at 5°C or below, but many fridges are set too warm, particularly in summer. Ensure baby foods and milk are stored safely at a chilled temperature by checking and using a fridge thermometer. These liquid crystal fridge thermometers are unbreakable and easy to read.

Bottle Thermometers
A Feeding bottle thermometer ensures a safe and comfortable feeding temperature for your baby, which should be around 37°C.

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  • colour changing spoon being held
  • Belltop fridge thermometer - front and back
  • Hanging coldzone fridge thermometer indicating the temperature is ok