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Fever Indicators

When at home or travelling, an infant or child´s temperature can quickly change. Having a liquid crystal Fever Indicator at hand is a safe and trouble free way to monitor body temperature. A fever can be quickly and accurately detected with minimum discomfort and stress.

Available in a 6 temperature version, indicating from 35°C to 40°C, or alternatively showing every 0.5 degree C. Usually packed in a clear protective sleeve or box, with instruction leaflet.

In addition to our standard forehead thermometers we also have our new ‘moving line’ thermometer (L320-100) as seen below, which moves along the scale to show detailed temperature readings in both °C and °F with a moving yellow line. Place on the forehead in the usual way and read the temperature. The centre of the yellow line indicates the correct temperature.

Our stock products are available from 250 pieces minimum, with or without your logo printed onto them
(go to Or we can manufacture your design or shape from 5000 pieces minimum
(click on ''Customise It'', on this page).

  • Standard forehead thermometer displaying a trend BH116
  • Koala forehead thermometer displaying a trendBH116BBGVS
  • Medical Directive
    Accredited: CE0086